The Next Step

is a thin client, network ready system that resides on your server and is accessed through the internet browser on each user's workstation.

It can be accessed within your offices on your internal intranet, or used from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Lawbyte.Net is ideal for practices with large networks, multiple offices, and staff who work from home.  More


Turnkey Solutions

We can provide a complete Lawbyte.Net solution, pre installed on our own specification, dedicated server ready to plug in to your existing network and go. More

Software Only

For firms who already have their own suitable hardware we can provide Lawbyte.Net on a software only basis. This can be done on a free licence swap basis for users of previous revisions of Lawbyte with a maintenance contract. More

Cloud Computing

We can now offer a hosted service where the Lawbyte.Net software runs on one of our servers and is accessed over the internet.  More