Software Only

 Legal Accounts Software Lawbyte.Net can also be purchased as a software-only package for installation on your own hardware. Ideally you would install it on a server running Microsoft Windows Server software but we do have sites running Lawbyte.Net on standalone workstations as a single user product.

Recommending hardware specification is a little difficult without knowing what other applications are going to be running on the server, and their usage. 

The pre configured servers that we supply are Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM and a 60GB Solid State Hard Drive. We use Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Web Edition combined with SQL Server 2008 Express Edition, and this provides excellent performance for up to around 15 users. 

We have experimented with lower specification (ie cost) options and the performance starts to suffer so we would recommend this as a starting point when using your own hardware.

When supplied on a 'software only' basis Lawbyte.Net is intended to be user installed and comes with a comprehensive installation guide. Included in the purchase price is full telephone and on-line technical assistance for the first 12 months.

Once installed on your server Lawbyte.Net is accessible from each workstation using an Internet Browser. We have found Google Chrome to offer the best performance although any recent Internet Browser will work.