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Cloud Computing is big news at the moment, but what is it, and why is everyone raving about it? The Cloud is a term used to describe the Internet, because you can't see what's going on inside. When you browse to a website, it appears on your screen in a couple of seconds, but you've no idea where in the world it's come from. It could have come from the kid down the street on a Commodore64, but in reality it's probably come from a farm of a few thousand servers somewhere in Oregon, been bounced off a couple of satellites, and passed through a dozen telephone exchanges around the globe to arrive on your humble computer, and that's why it's now causing a stir. 10 years ago Web-based applications were unfeasible, but advances in global telecommunications make it a sound option.

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The server based, thin client design of our latest software make it ideal for Cloud Computing, either hosted by us at Edgebyte or by a 3rd party data centre. Subject to a suitable Internet connection the Cloud Computing approach can offer the same performance as if the server is in your own building, but with none of the associated costs and maintenance requirements. Lawbyte.Net hosting with us also gives you the option of renting the Lawbyte licences, rather than buying them in advance thus further reducing your initial outlay.
Outsourcing your server hardware, or accessing your in-house server from home, doesn't compromise the much needed security required to protect your confidential information. Critical Cloud systems take advantage of Secure Sockets, providing high level encryption between your PC and the Server. This technology is used by Internet Banking Sites, Webmail providers, and e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon, essentially any site where you wouldn't want people listening in. It is tried, tested and proven to keep your information safe .

Lawbyte.Net can be tried on our low speed demonstration site here although you will need to contact us for a username and password. Fully inclusive pricing details can be found here.

So, centralise your accounts software now, and start enjoying the benefits of Cloud Computing.