Lawbyte 8

The Simple Solution

In use at over 600 practices nationwide, Lawbyte 8 is installed on each workstation and linked to a central Microsoft Access database. It can be used in either single user or network ready mode.

This approach is best suited to single user systems or smaller practices who don't wish to have the expense of running a dedicated server. It is easy to install and can be run on relatively cheap, low specification workstations.

Demonstration cd and further details available on request. Alternatively demonstration software is available in the Downloads section if you log in.

Lawbyye 8

Practice Management

Solicitors choose Lawbyte because of the quality of the software. The Lawbyte system is a fully featured, comprehensive package covering all areas of Practice Management.

Time Sheet Entry

Time Recording

Solicitors choose Lawbyte to track their appointments, key dates and file notes using the integrated practice wide diary system. The on screen clock and flexible charge rate structure allows fee earners to record their time accurately and ensure all billable items are recorded.

Lawbyte Case Management

Case Manangement

The Lawbyte Case Management module has been designed for flexibility and ease of operation, catering for the needs of the small to medium sized practice. User friendly features, reliability and value for money have been of prime importance in it's design